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Chapter 7

Chapter 7


The God explained that the entire Universe was nothing but the spread of the God himself. The Universal God is divided in multiple parts. The Eight lower divisions were –Earth, Water, Fire, Space, Wind, Mind, Intellect and Ego. However the higher part was beyond these and that was Life. Life holds the Universe together. These two lower and higher divisions create all beings. God is the beginning and end of Universe. Briefly God’s presence in different things is explained.

The Universal beings are deluded by attributes of Nature and hence do not know the God who is beyond these attributes.

The learned, inquisitive, well-meaning and the anxious ones know the unmanifested Supreme God and they worship him with devotion. Those ones reach the God by surrendering to him. Others do not understand the unmanifested form of the God and keep worshipping manifested forms.

Most people are deluded and fall prey to Anger and Envy. But the ones, who have conquered these two, get released from the cycle of birth and death and reach the God.

Chapter 7.1

श्री भगवानुवाच
मय्यासक्तमनाः पार्थ योगं युञ्जन्मदाश्रयः।
असंशयं समग्रं मां यथा ज्ञास्यसि तच्छृणु।।7.1।।

Parth, now listen, how certainly can thee,
With mind attached to me,
While practicing yog, and thoughts engrossed in me,
Will clearly know me.

Chapter 7.2

ज्ञानं तेऽहं सविज्ञानमिदं वक्ष्याम्यशेषतः।
यज्ज्ञात्वा नेह भूयोऽन्यज्ज्ञातव्यमवशिष्यते।।7.2।।

Tell you about the knowledge divine I shall,
Because unless you give up,
After knowing which nothing remains,
To be known in this world at all.

Chapter 7.3

मनुष्याणां सहस्रेषु कश्िचद्यतति सिद्धये।
यततामपि सिद्धानां कश्िचन्मां वेत्ति तत्त्वतः।।7.3।।

Seekers of knowledge, amongst thousands many,
May happen to be only one hardly,
Even out of many such ones, an odd one rarely,
Can manage to know who I am really.

Chapter 7.4

भूमिरापोऽनलो वायुः खं मनो बुद्धिरेव च।
अहङ्कार इतीयं मे भिन्ना प्रकृतिरष्टधा।।7.4।।

Divided in eight parts is my nature,
That is Mind, Intellect, Ego and Water,
Also the Earth, Ether, Air and Fire.

Chapter 7.5

अपरेयमितस्त्वन्यां प्रकृतिं विद्धि मे पराम्।
जीवभूतां महाबाहो ययेदं धार्यते जगत्।।7.5।।

Arjun, these depict my material nature,
Other than this by which,
The whole living Universe,
Is sustained in me, is my spiritual nature.

Chapter 7.6

एतद्योनीनि भूतानि सर्वाणीत्युपधारय।
अहं कृत्स्नस्य जगतः प्रभवः प्रलयस्तथा।।7.6।।

These two are the causes of,
All beings evolution.
I am the sole source of their creation,
And also am the cause of their destruction.

Chapter 7.7

मत्तः परतरं नान्यत्किञ्चिदस्ति धनञ्जय।
मयि सर्वमिदं प्रोतं सूत्रे मणिगणा इव।।7.7।।

Dhananjay, there are no elements,
Other than me.
Like pearls in necklace,
They all are woven in me.

Chapter 7.8

रसोऽहमप्सु कौन्तेय प्रभास्मि शशिसूर्ययोः।
प्रणवः सर्ववेदेषु शब्दः खे पौरुषं नृषु।।7.8।।

O’ son of Kuntee, in water, sap I am,
In Sun and Moon, brilliance I am.
Sound in Sky, in Vedas syllable “Ohm”
And in men virility I am.

Chapter 7.9

पुण्यो गन्धः पृथिव्यां च तेजश्चास्मि विभावसौ।
जीवनं सर्वभूतेषु तपश्चास्मि तपस्विषु।।7.9।।

In Earth, I am the fragrance,
In Fire, the radiance.
I am life in all beings,
And in Ascetics, I am penance.

Chapter 7.10

बीजं मां सर्वभूतानां विद्धि पार्थ सनातनम्।
बुद्धिर्बुद्धिमतामस्मि तेजस्तेजस्विनामहम्।।7.10।।

Arjun, try to know me,
As eternal seed of all beings,
Intelligence of Intelligents,
And also the glow of glorious ones.

Chapter 7.11

बलं बलवतामस्मि कामरागविवर्जितम्।
धर्माविरुद्धो भूतेषु कामोऽस्मि भरतर्षभ।।7.11।।

O’ Great amongst the Bharats,
In mighty, I am the might.
Righteous, and devoid of lusts,
I am the desire that is just.

Chapter 7.12

ये चैव सात्त्विका भावा राजसास्तामसाश्च ये।
मत्त एवेति तान्विद्धि नत्वहं तेषु ते मयि।।7.12।।

The whole world is deluded by three attitudes,
(Satvik) Pure and simple, (Rajas) Garish and Pompous,
And (Tamas) Rude and Ignorant.
Of these I am not part, but these reside in me throughout.

Satvik, Rajas and Tamas are three words will be used many times in later verses so please refer the meaning and remember these carefully.

Chapter 7.13

त्रिभिर्गुणमयैर्भावैरेभिः सर्वमिदं जगत्।
मोहितं नाभिजानाति मामेभ्यः परमव्ययम्।।7.13।।

The world deluded by attitudes three,
Remaining absorbed in these three,
Fails to recognize the imperishable me,
Who is separate from these three.

Chapter 7.14

दैवी ह्येषा गुणमयी मम माया दुरत्यया।
मामेव ये प्रपद्यन्ते मायामेतां तरन्ति ते।।7.14।।

The threefold enigmatic world,
Is difficult to traverse.
But those who surrender to me,
Can cross it with ease.

Chapter 7.15

न मां दुष्कृतिनो मूढाः प्रपद्यन्ते नराधमाः।
माययापहृतज्ञाना आसुरं भावमाश्रिताः।।7.15।।

Those who are fools, vile and of demonic nature,
Such men do not surrender,
Being carried away by illusion,
They remain enclosed in delusion.

Chapter 7.16

चतुर्विधा भजन्ते मां जनाः सुकृतिनोऽर्जुन।
आर्तो जिज्ञासुरर्थार्थी ज्ञानी च भरतर्षभ।।7.16।।

Arjun, four types of men are of noble deeds,
The troubled ones, the knowledge seekers,
Those who are after worldly possessions,
And the last, are the learned ones.

Chapter 7.17

तेषां ज्ञानी नित्ययुक्त एकभक्ितर्विशिष्यते।
प्रियो हि ज्ञानिनोऽत्यर्थमहं स च मम प्रियः।।7.17।।

The best amongst those for me,
Is the learned one devoted to me.
He identifies himself with me,
I am very dear to him and so is he dear to me.

Chapter 7.18

उदाराः सर्व एवैते ज्ञानी त्वात्मैव मे मतम्।
आस्थितः स हि युक्तात्मा मामेवानुत्तमां गतिम्।।7.18।।

Noble indeed are all,
But the one I consider equal to me,
Is the one, whose mind and thoughts are merged in me,
He achieves his goal supreme, which is me.

Chapter 7.19

बहूनां जन्मनामन्ते ज्ञानवान्मां प्रपद्यते।
वासुदेवः सर्वमिति स महात्मा सुदुर्लभः।।7.19।।

After many rebirths, the one who knows,
That Vaasudev alone is everything in universe,
And, who worships him for ever
Such great soul is very rare.

Chapter 7.20

कामैस्तैस्तैर्हृतज्ञानाः प्रपद्यन्तेऽन्यदेवताः।
तं तं नियममास्थाय प्रकृत्या नियताः स्वया।।7.20।।

Devotees driven by desires,
Worship God of their choice to fulfill those desires.

Chapter 7.21

यो यो यां यां तनुं भक्तः श्रद्धयार्चितुमिच्छति।
तस्य तस्याचलां श्रद्धां तामेव विदधाम्यहम्।।7.21।।

Whatever entity the Desirous devotee,
Wishes to worship,
I myself fix his devotion,
In that particular manifestation.

Chapter 7.22

स तया श्रद्धया युक्तस्तस्याराधनमीहते।
लभते च ततः कामान्मयैव विहितान् हि तान्।।7.22।।

Due to their faith in that God,
They worship that God.
And the desired pleasures they attain,
Which also are my own creations.

Chapter 7.23

अन्तवत्तु फलं तेषां तद्भवत्यल्पमेधसाम्।
देवान्देवयजो यान्ति मद्भक्ता यान्ति मामपि।।7.23।।

With limited knowledge, they get fruits perishable,
And reach to the God they worship.
But my devotees always reach the imperishable me,
When they worship me.

Chapter 7.24

अव्यक्तं व्यक्ितमापन्नं मन्यन्ते मामबुद्धयः।
परं भावमजानन्तो ममाव्ययमनुत्तमम्।।7.24।।

Senseless ones, can’t imagine my unmanifested,
Immutable and divine form.
And consider me as born in human form.

Chapter 7.25

नाहं प्रकाशः सर्वस्य योगमायासमावृतः।
मूढोऽयं नाभिजानाति लोको मामजमव्ययम्।।7.25।।

Veiled in my own created illusions,
I am invisible to the ignorant ones.
They consider me as mortal,
Not knowing my real form at all.

Chapter 7.26

वेदाहं समतीतानि वर्तमानानि चार्जुन।
भविष्याणि च भूतानि मां तु वेद न कश्चन।।7.26।।

O’ Arjun, I know all the elements of past, present and future,
I know all beings, But no one knows me ever.

Chapter 7.27

इच्छाद्वेषसमुत्थेन द्वन्द्वमोहेन भारत।
सर्वभूतानि संमोहं सर्गे यान्ति परन्तप।।7.27।।

O’ Bharat the victorious one, all beings those are born,
Are consumed by pair of attraction and repulsion.
They fall prey to infatuations and delusion.

Chapter 7.28

येषां त्वन्तगतं पापं जनानां पुण्यकर्मणाम्।
ते द्वन्द्वमोहनिर्मुक्ता भजन्ते मां दृढव्रताः।।7.28।।

The men who have done virtuous deeds,
In birth past and present, and are free of sins,
They worship me with firm resolution,
Such are liberated from attractions and repulsions.

Chapter 7.29

जरामरणमोक्षाय मामाश्रित्य यतन्ति ये।
ते ब्रह्म तद्विदुः कृत्स्नमध्यात्मं कर्म चाखिलम्।।7.29।।

Who want freedom from death and old age,
Surrender to me those ones.
As they have complete spiritual knowledge,
They know the Supreme Brahm, and are aware of all actions.

Chapter 7.30

साधिभूताधिदैवं मां साधियज्ञं च ये विदुः।
प्रयाणकालेऽपि च मां ते विदुर्युक्तचेतसः।।7.30।।

Those who see me in the material,
As well as in the abstract world,
Realize me fully even when
They are going to leave this world.

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