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Chapter 16

Chapter 16


This Chapter is called “Division of Divine and Demonic Tendencies”.

Description of Divine and Demonic tendencies is given in this Chapter.

God advises Arjun to avoid Demonic tendencies and to follow the path of divine tendencies to reach the God.

Chapter 16.1

श्री भगवानुवाच
अभयं सत्त्वसंशुद्धिः ज्ञानयोगव्यवस्थितिः।
दानं दमश्च यज्ञश्च स्वाध्यायस्तप आर्जवम्।।16.1।।

Fearlessness, self-realization, charity,
Mind purity through yog, penance and simplicity.

Chapter 16.2

अहिंसा सत्यमक्रोधस्त्यागः शान्तिरपैशुनम्।
दया भूतेष्वलोलुप्त्वं मार्दवं ह्रीरचापलम्।।16.2।।

Nonviolence, sacrifice, study of scriptures,
Politeness, peace, absence of attachments,
Mercy, truthfulness, equanimity,
Control of senses and modesty.

Chapter 16.3

तेजः क्षमा धृतिः शौचमद्रोहो नातिमानिता।
भवन्ति सम्पदं दैवीमभिजातस्य भारत।।16.3।।

Fortitude, courage, forgiveness,
Absence of pride and cleanliness,
These are the signs
Of one born with divine attributes.

Chapter 16.4

दम्भो दर्पोऽभिमानश्च क्रोधः पारुष्यमेव च।
अज्ञानं चाभिजातस्य पार्थ सम्पदमासुरीम्।।16.4।।

Arrogance, hypocrisy, and impudence,
Cruelty, anger pride and ignorance,
These are the marks specific
Of ones born with properties demonic.

Chapter 16.5

दैवी सम्पद्विमोक्षाय निबन्धायासुरी मता।
मा शुचः सम्पदं दैवीमभिजातोऽसि पाण्डव।।16.5।।

Properties demonic take you to bondage,
And to freedom properties divine.
O’Son of Pandu, do not fear,
You are born with properties divine.

Chapter 16.6

द्वौ भूतसर्गौ लोकेऽस्मिन् दैव आसुर एव च।
दैवो विस्तरशः प्रोक्त आसुरं पार्थ मे श्रृणु।।16.6।।

There are two types of human tendencies,
One demonic and other divine.
I have explained in detail the divine,
Now demonic I shall define.

Chapter 16.7

प्रवृत्तिं च निवृत्तिं च जना न विदुरासुराः।
न शौचं नापि चाचारो न सत्यं तेषु विद्यते।।16.7।।

Men possessing the demonic tendency,
Know not about the right activity,
Neither they know what is inactivity.
Hence they lack manners, truthfulness and purity.

Chapter 16.8

असत्यमप्रतिष्ठं ते जगदाहुरनीश्वरम्।
अपरस्परसम्भूतं किमन्यत्कामहैतुकम्।।16.8।।

They say that world has no foundation,
It exists because of male and female union,
Only lust is real and nothing else,
Rest everything is unreal and Godless.

Chapter 16.9

एतां दृष्टिमवष्टभ्य नष्टात्मानोऽल्पबुद्धयः।
प्रभवन्त्युग्रकर्माणः क्षयाय जगतोऽहिताः।।16.9।।

Sticking to this false vision,
With vile disposition the nitwitted demonic one,
Carries out deeds fearsome
For world destruction.

Chapter 16.10

काममाश्रित्य दुष्पूरं दम्भमानमदान्विताः।

Surrendering to insatiable desires,
Embracing false designs,
These hypocrite ones who are deluded,
Full of ego, pride and arrogance,
Follow the path unholy
Due to ignorance.

Chapter 16.11

चिन्तामपरिमेयां च प्रलयान्तामुपाश्रिताः।
कामोपभोगपरमा एतावदिति निश्िचताः।।16.11।।

Fostered in belief that fulfillment of desires,
Is necessary and is the whole aim of life,
They keep worrying to fulfill that
Till end of their life.

Chapter 16.12

आशापाशशतैर्बद्धाः कामक्रोधपरायणाः।
ईहन्ते कामभोगार्थमन्यायेनार्थसञ्चयान्।।16.12।।

With bonds of expectations and desire,
Full of lust and anger,
They try to hoard money and objects of desire,
By many means unfair.

Chapter 16.13

इदमद्य मया लब्धमिमं प्राप्स्ये मनोरथम्।
इदमस्तीदमपि मे भविष्यति पुनर्धनम्।।16.13।।

This much wealth has been secured today,
I will plan and hoard more,
In future I will try
To gain more and more.

Chapter 16.14

असौ मया हतः शत्रुर्हनिष्ये चापरानपि।
ईश्वरोऽहमहं भोगी सिद्धोऽहं बलवान्सुखी।।16.14।।

This enemy has been slain by me,
And I shall kill the others too,
I am the God, master and enjoyer,
I have occult power and I am mightier.

Chapter 16.15

आढ्योऽभिजनवानस्मि कोऽन्योऽस्ति सदृशो मया।
यक्ष्ये दास्यामि मोदिष्य इत्यज्ञानविमोहिताः।।16.15।।

Deluded by ignorance they imagine,
I am wealthiest with family fine.
Sacrifices I will conduct, will do charity,
No one is equal to me, I will enjoy and sit pretty.

Chapter 16.16

अनेकचित्तविभ्रान्ता मोहजालसमावृताः।
प्रसक्ताः कामभोगेषु पतन्ति नरकेऽशुचौ।।16.16।।

Such deluded ones, enveloped in web delusionary,
Get addicted to sensuous pleasures many,
Bewildered by thoughts unnecessary,
They fall into deepest hell certainly.

Chapter 16.17

आत्मसम्भाविताः स्तब्धा धनमानमदान्विताः।
यजन्ते नामयज्ञैस्ते दम्भेनाविधिपूर्वकम्।।16.17।।

Self-conceited and arrogant with power,
Intoxicated by wealth and honour,
Perform sacrifices for name sake mere,
And that too with procedure impure.

Chapter 16.18

अहङ्कारं बलं दर्पं कामं क्रोधं च संश्रिताः।
मामात्मपरदेहेषु प्रद्विषन्तोऽभ्यसूयकाः।।16.18।।

With anger and lust, brute force and arrogance,
They defame others,
And despise me the inner dweller,
In bodies theirs and in bodies others.

Chapter 16.19

तानहं द्विषतः क्रूरान्संसारेषु नराधमान्।
क्षिपाम्यजस्रमशुभानासुरीष्वेव योनिषु।।16.19।।

Hateful, cruel, sinful and violent ones,
In this world such ones,
I send them again,
To take birth in demonic wombs time and again.

Chapter 16.20

आसुरीं योनिमापन्ना मूढा जन्मनि जन्मनि।
मामप्राप्यैव कौन्तेय ततो यान्त्यधमां गतिम्।।16.20।।

They continue to get born,
From wombs demonic,
Birth after birth without attaining me,
To lower and lower plane they sink.

Chapter 16.21

त्रिविधं नरकस्येदं द्वारं नाशनमात्मनः।
कामः क्रोधस्तथा लोभस्तस्मादेतत्त्रयं त्यजेत्।।16.21।।

Desire anger and greed,
These triple gates of hell,
Do result in self-downfall.
One should therefore avoid these three all.

Chapter 16.22

एतैर्विमुक्तः कौन्तेय तमोद्वारैस्त्रिभिर्नरः।
आचरत्यात्मनः श्रेयस्ततो याति परां गतिम्।।16.22।।

O’ Son of Kuntee,
Freed from these three, that one,
Then works for own salvation,
And reaches supreme destination.

Chapter 16.23

यः शास्त्रविधिमुत्सृज्य वर्तते कामकारतः।
न स सिद्धिमवाप्नोति न सुखं न परां गतिम्।।16.23।।

The one not going in scriptures ways,
Or acting in arbitrary ways,
Neither attains Siddhee,
Nor me and remains unhappy,
He just keeps following own mind sways.

Chapter 16.24

तस्माच्छास्त्रं प्रमाणं ते कार्याकार्यव्यवस्थितौ।
ज्ञात्वा शास्त्रविधानोक्तं कर्म कर्तुमिहार्हसि।।16.24।।

Therefore follow the scriptures, in deciding
What to do and what not to do.
Let alone scriptures guide you
In all actions performed by you.

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