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"Jay Shree Krishna"

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=>(Shreemad)Bhagavad geeta prachaar sangathan(bps)

    This organizaton established for marketing of geeta and its message given by Lord Shree krishna.

    The message of geeta should be given to as many people as possible to prevent unhealthy situation in life.The geeta is giving solution to all the problems of human life.This book is the most sacred book of the world as it is the words of Lord almighty himself.

    This organization is chanting geeta mantras at customers place for betterment of society.This geeta is the solution for healthy society and it gives spiritual enlightenment of every soul.

    Chanting of geeta shlokas will purify whole environment and will make a healthy society.


    To let people know the importance of reading/speaking/Chanting shreemad bhagavad geeta shlokas.

    To give knowledge of "Geeta-Mahatmya" to people & groups of people or societies.

    To let people know the importance of Chanting "Gayatri-Mantra" and "Maha-Mrutyanjay Mantra" etc.

    To enlighten people about Indian history and culture.

    To spread amogst people,the importance of 'values', spirituality, theology & rituals(Karmkand).